My one-year-old son had ear infection and acute mastoiditis. After several very traumatic hospitalizations – including painful tests, eardrum puncturing, oral and intravenous antibiotics, and cold treatment from doctors who didn’t investigate the root causes of the problem – and just before another hospitalization and probably surgery, we contacted Haolan.

She saw us at her pleasant clinic, investigated my son’s medical history in depth, and asked many questions about his diet and lifestyle.

Haolan treated him at the clinic gently, kindly, and attentively. My son, who’d been traumatized by hospital treatments, gave himself over to her treatment and didn’t cry at all.

Haolan instructed us on further care and nutrition at home, and also on how to boost his immune system in the future. Even after treatment at the clinic, she called to follow up on him.

My son got completely better in a matter of days! Thanks to Haolan’s treatment, 8 months later, he’s now healthy and vital, and the ear infection has not returned.

Thank you,

Liron Segal Lahav

I came to Haolan with pain and tingling (paresthesia) in my right hand that continued untreated for a long time.

Haolan expertly diagnosed the root cause of the problem, and gave me a series of acupuncture treatments. I felt improvement from the very first treatment, and from one session to the next, the pain vanished and I regained sensation in my hand.

Haolan gave me lifestyle recommendations and called to follow up on me throughout the healing process.

Today there’s no trace of pain, thanks to Haolan’s treatment.

Thank you,

Rotem Lahav

My name is Sarah, and I’ve been Haolan’s patient for two years. I contacted her after being diagnosed with a localized tumor (breast cancer,) and since then I’ve been coming in for regular treatments.

Haolan is a gifted therapist – pleasant, to the point, and professional. Her treatment is very different from the one we’re used to. She views the patient holistically, and treats every aspect: physical, mental, and emotional. Her diagnostic abilities are amazing, and the treatment is deep, calm, and thorough.

After two years of treatment, during which I suffered various types of discomfort – from back pain that worsened into leg-dragging, to abdominal pain and unpleasant sensations – I now feel wonderful and pain-free. To my surprise, Haolan also used acupuncture to treat me emotionally: today I’m less angry, irritated, and preoccupied, and more calm and relaxed.

I recommend Haolan’s treatment to anyone who cares about their physical and mental health.


Dear Haolan!

I came to you in February 2016 with hyperthyroidism and after years of fertility treatments. Before you, I was treated by three acupuncturists, but none of them was like you.

During our first session, I realized I’d found a different kind of therapist, who doesn’t only treat symptoms but works to balance all of the body’s systems through acupuncture, proper nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Your deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, as well as your pleasant demeanor and the calm that you inspire, won me over instantly – and turned you into a therapist who’s also a friend and a sympathetic ear.

I believe that this method of treatment is one of the key factors that balanced my thyroid and helped me to get pregnant.

Thank you for everything!


I have arrived to Haolan after a long summer full of colds and weakness and i was about to believe that i suffer from allergy

After visiting Haolan she took care of my colds and the hole system as well . The improvement was immediately!

After a few treatments the “allergy symptoms “ disappeared and i was back to normal function

On the way Haolan explained me about life including advise to a calm life style , what to do and what no to do,

personal matching menu  and even daily recipes that are easy to implement.

All this in a professional but measured. gentle and kind, sometimes humorous way!

To the weekly meetings I always come full of expectations

The things Haolan teaches me will stay with me as valuable asset for my further life!

I can certainly say that Haolan is a wonderful doctor and an excellent therapist!

Tamara Filtz Henter

After long months of dysfunction, resulting among other things from intense stomach pain I’ve had since childhood, sleeping problems, stress, hormonal imbalance due to polycystic ovaries, and general low energy, I came to Haolan – following countless treatment attempts with various doctors who didn’t solve the problem. Not knowing much about traditional Chinese medicine, I thought I should try it.

Haolan diagnosed the root cause, and did not let the “surface” problems dictate treatment. In addition to treatment, she created a diet tailored to my body’s needs and capabilities. Change wasn’t long in coming, and after several weeks my physical condition began to gradually improve. Haolan treated me with great care, answered my questions, listened, and calmed me down when needed. Today, after half a year of treatment, there’s scarcely a trace of any of the problems I complained about. My body and spirit feel renewed, clean, and stronger than ever. The abdominal pain, digestive problems, and sleeping problems are gone; my blood work shows that the hormonal system has been balanced, and my mood and energy have also improved wonderfully.

Treatment with Haolan opens the door to a healthy, balanced life, and I recommend to anyone suffering from a health problem or disquiet to visit her.

– Annis Piltz