Autumn, in traditional Chinese medicine climate terms, is classified as “dry qi”. So when in autumn, we often feel the dry skin and itching. Also nose, throat, respiratory are drier. Even dry cough without sputum. Dry stool, short urine with dark color and so on. Because of these dryness, body fluid of lung and stomach are consumed and injured. The result is a variety of “Autumn dryness” syndrome are caused. Pear, is a very common fruit in autumn. Taste sweet and light sour. According to TCM medicinal properties, it is cool, relate to lung and stomach meridians. It can promote fluid production to quench thirst, moistening dryness and resolving phlegm. It is good for cough due to lung-heat, dysphagic and constipation. How to cook and eat it: It is important to boil the pears with skin. In this way, it can moisten lung and clear lung-heat, also lubricate stools.
  1. Take 1 pear to cut it to small pieces with skin and put them inside of the pot.
  2. Pour 3 glasses of water into the pot. Use the strong fir to cook, after it is boiled, turn the fire into gentle one. Continue to cook for 20 minute.
  3. Then eat the pear and drink the juice. Once/ day, the best time to eat it is in the afternoon between 2 meals.